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CeramiKer Pottery, Aberdeenshire

CeramiKer Pottery is a small independent studio situated in the Aberdeenshire home & garden of studio potter Kerry Megahy Marr.

Working single-handedly, Kerry uses the potter’s wheel to lovingly craft unique and decorative homeware that is designed to spark joy and enhance your day. Self-taught and with a love of individuality, Kerry enjoys the freedom to celebrate individuality in each piece whilst still making a 'family connection' through form and glaze. Her love of the North East of Scotland’s heritage, coastline and sky influences her style and colour choice, seen in her most recent ranges 'Northern Lights' and 'Sand & Sea'. Engaging with others is an important aspect to Kerry's creative practice and she is particularly enthusiastic when meeting with people at contemporary art & craft events. Kerry is very keen to share her passion for ceramics and encourages others to 'play with clay'.

Kerry has twice exhibited at Potfest Scotland at Scone Palace, which is Scotland's only international ceramics festival, as well as Inverarity gallery, ArtAboyne, NEOS and Flock. Throughout the year Kerry's work can be found at EverlongArt Studio & Gift Shop (Alford) and Fold (Banchory).


I'm an Aiberdein quine fa loves puddlin wi mud. Ma favourite thing tae dee is mak bonnie, yet robust pots that ye'll enjoy usin evryday. Afore I hid ma bairns, I used tae ride thon motorbikes fer a livin but noo ahm obsessed wi a different kine o wheel. I hiv a wee Shedio in ma gairden an I jist love experimentin wi aa kines o techniques and dee my best tae hae somehin new in the kiln evry time. Ahm hae'n a rare auld time playing wi new firings and hiv some interesting raku projects afoot - I jist love dabblin in chemistry an setting fire tae stuff. I affa enjoy spikkin tae folk aboot pots and ahm affa enthusiastic aboot ithers tryin their han a'na. Spik soon!!

About (translation)

I'm an Aberdeenshire lass who loves working with clay. I create durable yet highly decorative pieces that are designed to be enjoyed daily. Before having children, I was a professional motorcyclist but now I have an obsession with a different type of wheel. Working from my home studio, I'm especially keen on and excited about learning new glaze formulations and alternative firing techniques and try to include new styles, recipes and techniques in each new firing. I am super enthusiastic about the clay process and love nothing more than encouraging others to explore their creative side. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss my work ... or even to just "talk pots". Speak soon I hope.

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Kerry Megahy Marr, CeramiKer
Green Acres,
St Katherines,
Aberdeenshire, AB51 8SP



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